Small Business Resources

MCH Corporation has benefited from a number of programs and initiatives of the federal government and would encourage you to consider leveraging those same programs to expand your own small business, create jobs, and expand the national economy.

SBA 8(a) Program

In order to help small, disadvantaged businesses compete in the marketplace, the SBA created the 8(a) Business Development Program.  You can find out more information on it here at SBA.GOV:

MCH Corporation has participated in this program since 2008, and as a result our business has grown tremendously and in addition we have also:

  • Through participating in SBA 7j training, we have gained tremendous knowledge and information on operating our company in a professional and well organized manner
  • Through participating in SBA 7j training we have also greatly improved our ability to compete for federal contracts and understand the FAR, as well as federal laws and regulations that are important to comply with.
  • The same training has also enabled us to greatly improve our accounting system and business practices to be more efficient and significantly improved our ability to compete in the marketplace.

We work continuously with our SBA Business Opportunity Specialist based in the Nashville District Office of the SBA to continue to grow and improve our small business.

VA VIP Program

The Department of Veteran Affairs operates a program called VIP, that verifies businesses owned by Veterans. That program and the tremendous work they do to screen and vet companies and verify that they are actually operated by veterans, for their benefit, has assisted our company in differentiating itself from other businesses. If you are a veteran owned small business we would suggest you consider registering your company at

Our company is listed here:

Cassius F. Butts Presents the SBA Region 4 State of the Region Address

Quick Pay Initiative

The federal government's QuickPay initiative to accelerate payments to small contractors by cutting the time they are paid by the federal government in half, has helped our business in a number of ways:

  • We have received faster payments by a number of federal agencies on our invoices.

  • This has allowed us to decrease our need to borrow and cut our interest expenses.

  • It has enabled us to expand our workforce easier to handle new contract awards and other new business.

  • It has allowed us to refocus our priorities on delivering high quality results to our customers instead of struggling to meet cash flow needs to continue growing.