Enterprise Systems Development & Integration Offerings

MCH Corporation (MCH) has developed a series of offerings that provide the best value to its small & medium, sized business customers. Balancing reduced downtime, high performance, & keeping investments at a minimum, our offerings are designed to deliver the best ROI for our clients. Although we work with numerous brands of products & platforms, here are our core offerings: 
FoxPro Development ExpertsFoxPro Development Experts

MCH has a broad base of experience working with FoxPro, FoxBASE, and Visual FoxPro from version 2 through version 9, developing numerous applications over a period of almost 15 years. Our software engineers and business analysts are ready to assist you with maintenance on your FoxPro applications or porting them to the Microsoft .Net or Java platforms.

Access Development ExpertsAccess Development Experts

MCH has extensive experience developing and maintaining production applications in Microsoft Access. Access is quite often the platform of choice for those who need a custom application developed using software that is already certified or deployed across their enterprise. We are experienced at deploying application with both the runtime and full versions of Access across multiple versions of Access and Windows.

Certified .Net Development ExpertsCertified .Net Development Experts

Microsoft .Net development is MCH's core competence. Our staff has worked on several dozen major .Net development projects and applications starting with the release of ASP+ (before .Net was even called .Net). In addition, we have worked with every major version through .Net 4 and have developed many best practices.

Plumtree/Bea Aqualogic ExpertsPlumtree/Bea Aqualogic Experts

Prior to major new versions of SharePoint, Plumtree(now called Aqualogic) was the premier enterprise portal platform for most of largest enterprises around the globe. MCH has been developing custom portlets for Plumtree/Aqualogic portals for almost 10 years for a number of our customers that use this portal platform. We are original members of the Plumtree Synergy Alliance and have been invited presenters at Aqualogic conferences.

SharePoint WebPart DevelopersSharePoint WebPart Developers

MCH develops SharePoint WebParts and other .Net based components to extend the functionality of SharePoint and Office SharePoint Server Portals. MCH has been developing on the last 3 major releases of SharePoint using Microsoft C# and .Net.