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Municipal Government Solutions

MCH developed applications it used to transform and analyze energy usage data for use in a City of Knoxville's energy conservation program.

Municipal Government Solutions - City of Knoxville

MCH Corporation (MCH) performed systems integration and data conversion services to convert energy usage data for the City of Knoxville into formats for analysis. The purpose of the analysis was to be able to track the efficiently of city owned/operated buildings.

The solution involved the implementation of Microsoft .Net application using C# and Microsoft Office 2003 as well as:

  • Implementing classes to parse utility usage data.
  • Implementing data inspection classes to assess the quality and completeness of the imported data.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office using the Office SDK.
  • The implementation of .Net based Web Services.
  • Use of nUnit Unit Testing and Test Plan Development.
  • Use of Subversion for Configuration Management.
  • The implementation of custom web controls.
  • The integration of Microsoft Enterprise Library Blocks.

The solution effectively provided the City of Knoxville with a method of analyzing their energy usage data to enable them to track the success of their energy conservation initiatives.

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City of Knoxville, TN


Knoxville, TN

  • The end to end solution was implemented rapidly (< 3 weeks).
  • MCH was selected as a sole source provider given our experience as a customer software engineering firm.
  • All data was successfully imported and analyzed.
  • The project was for the Purchasing Department of the City of Knoxville.